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4 Piece Chip & Dip Set - Melamine - Rooster - Yellow
4 Piece Chip & Dip Set - Melamine - Rooster - Yellow

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Big Bang Theory - Snuggler Blanket - Soft Kitty
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Forget the invisibility cloak - comfort first! Get real comfy and warm with the Soft Kitty comfortability cloak.

  • For Geeks and Kitty Lovers alike!
  • Long sleeve floor length snuggler blanket in a Soft Kitty Grey 100% polyester fleece
  • Approx. 70" x 54" (177.8 x 137.16 cm) when measured as a flat blanket
  • Soft and lightweight fleece - purr-fect for snuggling in!
  • Fleece keeps you warm on cold winter nights
  • The smiling face of Soft Kitty, complete with pink nose prominently displayed across the chest area. Face is embroidered on fleece.
  • Detail of 3 kitty stripes on both arm sleeves
  • No collar but extra fabric can be scrunched around neckline like a cowl to provide extra warmth around the neck
  • One size fits most sizes
  • Machine wash cold
  • Cool iron if needed
  • Tumble dry low heat
  • Great to wear when curled up on the couch watching, what else...THe Big Bang Theory!
  • Not intended for children 12 years and under

Soft Kitty is a song that the mother of  Sheldon, a character from the Big Bang Theory, use to sing to him whenever he was sick.

The song was first introduced in The Pancake Batter Anomaly, where Penny had to sing it to Sheldon when he caught a cold. In The Vegas Renormalization, Penny had to sing soft kitty to Sheldon again on the pretense "...Homesick is a type of being sick". When Sheldon was feeling sad about being betrayed by his friends (and not being able to attend Comic Con) in The Electric Can Opener Fluctuation, Penny starts singing Soft Kitty, but was interrupted by Sheldon as he said "That's for when I'm sick! Sad is not sick." In The Adhesive Duck Deficiency, when Penny was a little lightheaded from powerful painkillers she asked Sheldon to sing her Soft Kitty as a round. At the end of The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification, Penny sings Soft Kitty to Sheldon after he falls down the stairs.

While referred to on the show as "Soft Kitty" the actual song is called "Warm Kitty". Lyrics were written by Edith Newlin, the tune is traditional.

Lyrics to Soft Kitty:

Soft kitty,

Warm kitty,

Little ball of fur.

Happy kitty,

Sleepy kitty,

Purr Purr Purr.

(source: WIKIA)

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