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Doctor Who T-shirt - The Angels Have The Phone Box
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DWAHTBML Doctor Who T-shirt - The Angels Have The Phone Box (Large) $28.00

Doctor Who T - The Angels Have The Phone Box

  • 100 Cotton T-shirt
  • Double needle sleeve and bottom hems
  • Black T-shirt 
  • Screened image of the famous Blue Box + a Weeping Angel and the words "The Angels have the Phone Box"
  • Machine cold water wash, gentle
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Do not iron screened portion of shirt
  • Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide

The Weeping Angels are an ancient race of aliens from the Doctor Who television series.

Their usual mode of feeding is to send their victims back in time, which creates time energy to feed on. When they are not being observed by another being, they can move very quickly and silently, but when they are being observed, they become "quantum-locked", occupying a single position in space and becoming stone. In this state, they are frozen and difficult to destroy. They cannot suppress this reaction. If two Weeping Angels were to look at each other at the same time (or one were to look at a mirror), they would be trapped in stone form until an outside force moves them apart. To prevent this, they often cover their eyes while moving - this makes them look like they are weeping.

As they close on their victims, their features transform from calm angels with normal proportions to more horrific, bestial demons with wide open mouths baring vampiric teeth and clawed hands. Their paramount ability is their speed, as they are able to close distances of metres literally in the blink of an eye, allowing them to reach a victim or move to an unseen or darkened area before their quantum-lock freezes them again.

According to the Doctor, the Weeping Angels "are as old as the universe (or very nearly), but no one really knows where they come from." He describes them as the loneliest beings in the universe, since their quantum-lock reaction makes it difficult for them to socialise; he also describes them as "the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent lifeform evolution has ever produced.

Weeping Angels have appeared on the following television episodes:

  • Series 3 (2007)
    • "Blink"
  • Series 5 (2010)
    • "The Time of Angels" / "Flesh and Stone"
  • Series 6 (2011)
    • "The God Complex"
  • Series 7 (2012) "The Angels Take Manhattan

(Source: Wikipedia)

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