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Home | WHAT'S NEW | Peanuts - Snoopy Culpted Ceramic Mug - 24 oz.
Peanuts - Snoopy Culpted Ceramic Mug - 24 oz.
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Price: $29.99
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Peanuts - Snoopy Sculpted Mug 24 oz.

  • 24 oz. ceramic mug
  • Mug in the shape of a sculpted Snoopy head
  • Manufacturer recommended Hand wash only
  • Dimensions from tip of nose to handle approximately L x W x H: 8.5" x 4.25" x 4.25" (21.59 x 10.80 x 10.80 cm)
  • Comes in a red presentation box

Snoopy is one of the main characters of the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. He is very well known, even more well known than Charlie Brown, and may be among the most recognizable comic characters in the world. He is Charlie Brown's pet beagle, and is owned and cared for by Charlie Brown, although at times it is not clear who is in charge. Snoopy is blessed with a rich, Walter Mitty-like fantasy life.

Snoopy first appeared in the October 4, 1950 strip, two days after the strip began. Schulz originally planned to call him "Sniffy", but found out that name was used in a different comic strip. He then changed the dog's name to Snoopy. The name first appeared on November 10, 1950.

In the very early years of Peanuts, Snoopy behaved much like an average, everyday pet. Gradually, however, he became more like a human than a dog. Snoopy was a silent character during the first two years in the strip, but he eventually verbalized his thoughts to readers for the first time (in a thought balloon) on May 27, 1952. On June 28, 1957, Snoopy walked on his two hind legs for the first time.

Snoopy is a genuinely happy dog. A running gag within the strip is that he does a "happy? dance" also known as the " Suppertime Dance". The only thing that can upset him is a lack of supper. Snoopy loves root beer and pizza, hates coconut candy, gets claustrophobia in tall weeds, and is deathly afraid of icicles dangling over his doghouse. He has an amazing fantasy life, often taking on various personas. His most famous alter-ego being that of the WWI Flying Ace. Other personas include  "Joe Cool", where he dons dark shades; an Olympic figure skater; a bow-tie wearing attorney; a grocery clerk wearing an apron at the check-out stand and more. Charles Schulz  summed up Snoopy's character in a 1997 interview that  "He has to retreat into his fanciful world in order to survive. Otherwise, he leads kind of a dull, miserable life. I don't envy dogs the lives they have to live." (source: Wikipedia)

One of his hobbies is reading Leo Tolstoy's epic novel War and Peace at the rate of "a word a day". Snoopy also has the uncanny ability to play fetch with soap bubbles, and can hear someone eating marshmallows or cookies at a distance, or even peeling a banana. Snoopy is also capable of disappearing, like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, as shown in an extended strip, whenever Charlie Brown reads the book to him. ("Grins are easy. Noses are hard. Ears are almost impossible."). Two things Snoopy dislikes are listening to balloons being squeezed and cats. Snoopy, being a dog, has a strong hatred of cats. Snoopy also loves sleeping, and being lazy - often lying on top of his doghouse and sleeping, sometimes all day long. (Source: Wikia)

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