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Ice Cube Tray - Star Trekᅡᆴ
Ice Cube Tray - Star Trekᅡᆴ

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Home | WHAT'S NEW | Salt and Pepper Pump - Set of 2 by Andrew Williams
Salt and Pepper Pump - Set of 2 by Andrew Williams
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Price: $25.95
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Salt and Pepper Pump - Set of 2


  • Acrylic and Stainless Steel Salt & Pepper Grinder Set.
  • Salmon and Hummingbird design by artist Andrew Williams.
  • Design of Salmon and Hummingbird appears on both sides of pump
  • Designs are printed in a bold red and black against the silver stainless steel pump top.
  • Bottom unscrews for easy refill
  • Packaged as a set

Andrew Williams was born in 1964 in Haida Gwaii. He is a carver of argillite, silver and gold as well as a graphic designer. He is part of the Raven clan in the Old Masset on Haida Gwaii. His work is a blend of traditional and contemporary art and shows his passion for his Haida Ancestory and the "old stories".


First Nations Mythology:

Hummingbird:The Hummingbird symbolizes the following in the First Nations lore:  beauty, intelligence, love and joy. It is a forerunner for positive outcomes. A symbol of good luck, playfulness and friendships. It is believed the Hummingbird's ability to hover and zip around at high speeds helpful for guiding travellers for if one lags behind, this dynamic little bird can dart back and forth to help keep the pace.  Also known as Sah Sen in Northwest Coastal Native Art.


Salmon: symbolizes instinct, determination, persistence, dependability and renewal. Being the primary food source for the  Northwest Coast First Nations people, it also represents abundance, wealth and prosperity. When presented in pairs,  Salmon symbolizes good luck.

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