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Ice Cube Tray - Star Trekᅡᆴ

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Shopping Bag - Jute - Caribou - Natural
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Price: $12.95


Jute Shopping Bag with Caribou Design

  • Eco-Friendly* 100% Jute Shopping Bag
  • Designed in Canada
  • Sturdy - bag does not flop but stands up straight when placed on a flat surface making it easy to load up
  • Interior of bag has a coating which allows for easy clean up in case of spills
  • Interior has one small sewn natural colured pocket measuring 6.25" (15.88 cm) W x 5.5 (13.97cm) H to put smaller items such as keys, phone, small wallet, etc.
  • Soft rounded handles allows for ease and confort to sling over shoulder or hand carry
  • Bag measures W 16" (40.64 cm) x H 13.5" (34.29 cm);  6" (15.24 cm) wide side gussets allows for a very roomy bag
  • Cartoon motif of Caribou appears on both sides of the bag; side gussets and bottom exterior of bag in solid black
  • Designed in Canada; bag made in Indonesia



Significance: Northern First Nations relationship with caribou
For centuries, northern First Nations and Inuit have relied on caribou for their survival. The animals play a central role in these cultures, not just economically, but socially and traditionally as well. Regardless of the advances of modern society, caribou are just as valuable today in northern communities. Caribou meat is high in protein, low in fat and overall a healthier choice for communities suffering from high levels of diabetes from too much junk food. Imported store-bought food is expensive — estimates reveal that switching from caribou to store-bought meat would cost northerners millions of dollars. Economically, the caribou is used in various traditional arts, crafts and clothing that contribute to tourism revenue. Native groups also rely on caribou to pass down cultural traditions such as the hunt — they treat the animals with respect by taking only what is needed and wasting nothing.

Caribou in Canada
Across the country, caribou are struggling to survive in their ever-changing habitat. Facing a modern world, they are losing the battle. Climate change and human influences play a significant role in their decline. To learn more check out

(Source:Canadian Geographic)

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