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Gumby - Figurine - poseable and bendable
Gumby - Figurine - poseable and bendable

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Home | WHAT'S NEW | Shopping Bag - Jute - Raven Motif by Bill Helin - Natural
Shopping Bag - Jute - Raven Motif by Bill Helin - Natural
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Jute Shopping Bag with Bill Helin Raven Motif

  • Eco-Friendly*  100% Jute Shopping Bag
  • Natural Coloured Shopping Bag with Red and Black colours for Raven
  • Interior of bag has a coating which allows for easy clean up in case of spills
  • Interior has one small sewn on natural coloured pocket measuring 6.25" (15.88 cm) W x 5.5 (13.97cm) H to put smaller items such as keys, phone, small wallet, etc.
  • Soft rounded handles allows for ease and confort to sling over shoulder or hand carry
  • Bag measures W 16" (40.64 cm) x H 13.5" (34.29 cm);  6" (15.24 cm) wide side gussets allows for a very roomy bag
  • Motif of Raven appears on both sides of the bag; side gussets and bottom exterior of bag in solid black
  • Designed in Canada; bag made in Indonesia

Significance of the Raven in First Nations Mythology: The Raven was the first symbol and crest of the Northwest Coastal Indians. As the Creator’s assistant, he created all things that exist - with mysterious trickery. This mystical bird is a symbol of prestige - a cultural hero. The Raven is often given to tell someone you respect them, that they are your hero. The symbol of the Raven is a great retirement gift for someone you respect. An excellent gift as well for a CEO,  your boss or someone you consider to be your hero. (Source: Bill Helin)

*Properties of Jute:  Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton. An Eco-Friendly alternative to all other synthetic bags due to its biodegradable nature. This is why young trees for planting are wrapped in jute and inserted directly into the soil. It is non toxic and decomposes swiftly back into the soil.

Artist: Tsimshian native artist Bill Helin enjoys a very rewarding career as a creative gold engraver, painter, woodcarver, and book illustrator. He loves to paint mythological images to educate people on the history of the Tsimshian nation and the many stories passed down through his ancestors. His greatest passion however is to spiritually represent and bond individuals together through the use of native Life Crest symbols. The art of Bill Helin is reproduced in collaboration with the artist and royalties are paid to the artist on each item sold.

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