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Home | KEEP CALM & ALL THINGS BRITISH | Doctor Who T-shirt - Keep Calm and Don't Blink - Ladies
Doctor Who T-shirt - Keep Calm and Don't Blink - Ladies
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DWKCLL Doctor Who T-shirt - Keep Calm and Don't Blink - Ladies (Large) $28.00

Doctor Who T - Keep Calm and Don't Blink - Ladies

  • Stretchy soft 100% Ringspun Cotton T-shirt
  • Contoured Babydoll fit - tapers in at  waist , back out at hips
  • Blue T-shirt and white print
  • Small image of TARDIS above text that reads: "KEEP CALM and DON'T BLINK"
  • Machine cold water wash, gentle
  • Tumble dry on low
  • Do not iron screened portion of shirt
  • Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide
  • made in Mexico

"KEEP CALM and DON'T BLINK" - a witty combination inspired by an episode of Doctor Who entitled "Blink" and the WWII slogan of "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON".

Synopsis: "BLINK" - Episode ten, Series three

In 2007, Sally Sparrow enters the dilapidated house, Wester Drumlins, to look for subjects to photograph but instead finds eerie angel-like statues and messages from "the Doctor" behind the peeling wallpaper addressed to her, warning her of the "Weeping Angels".The Angels are "quantum locked", allowing them to move incredibly fast when unobserved but when they are seen, they literally turn to stone. They cover their eyes to avoid looking at each other, giving them their "weeping" appearance. He warns Sally not to look away or even blink when they are around. What makes them so horrifying is that they remain statues if they are looked at but once they out of sight, even in a blink, they can move terribly fast and kill you.

"Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck."  (Source: Wikipedia & Know Your Meme)

Footnote: "BLINK" - widely recognised as an exceptional episode, has won loads of accolades & awards - a definite must see!



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