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Big Bang Theory - T-Shirt - Knock,Knock, Knock, Penny!
Big Bang Theory - T-Shirt - Knock,Knock, Knock, Penny!

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Big Bang Theory - Lanyard - Bazinga!
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Price: $9.99

Big Bang Theory - Lanyard - "Bazinga!"

  • The ultimate in Geek Chic - Your very own officially licensed Big Bang Theory Lanyard!
  • Helps prevent loss of important stuff - wear it around your neck!
  • Lanyards can hold stuff like your ID, security passes, keys, USB flash drives, etc.
  • Red nylon strap with "Bazinga!" printed in white at regular intervals on one side of the strap
  • Strap approx. 17" drop from neck to black plastic part that attaches to the clear platic pouch that you store your ID, badges, etc. in
  • Clear plastic pouch measures 4.25" wide x 3.75" high. Height for actual space to store your ID, etc, measures 2.75" high.
  • For extra security, plastic pouch has a zip lock like closure.
  • Bonus! - "Bazinga!" rubberized plastic icon charm attached to clear plastic pouch
  • Charm approx. 2.5" long
  • Picture of the cast of the BIG BANG Theory shown in image not included
  • Now, if Sheldon had one of these, he wouldn't have found himself locked out of his apartment and then having to stay with Penny for the weekend (The Vegas Renormaliztion). But then, if he had a lanyard, then Season 2, Episode 21, would never have happened...that would throw the whole Big Bang Season 2's  time continuum totally out of whack!
  • Season 1, episode 14 | (604) 739-6887 | Vancouver, BC, Canada
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