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Home | SPACE NERDS & ROCKET SCIENTISTS | Big Bang Theory - Lunch box - Soft Kitty
Big Bang Theory - Lunch box - Soft Kitty
Availability: In Stock

Price: $19.99

Big Bang Theory - Lunch Box - Soft Kitty

  • Made of aluminum
  • Bold and eye catching design on both sides of box
  • Design: image of soft kitty with front paws outstretched and the words purr, purr purr above and below image.
  • Image of kitty highlighted in pink and tag on the kitty's collar is an atom in red
  • Sideband has design of iconic Big Bang Theory random atoms in white
  • Light grey with dark grey trim around edges of front and back faces
  • Metal clasp on top of box
  • Grey collapsible handle
  • Hinged bottom
  • Measurements: width:7.68" (19.5cm); height:6.69" (17 cm) without handle; depth: 3.94" (10cm)
  • The Big Bang Theory logo printed on bottom of lunch box
  • Officially licensed product

Normally, Sheldon gets Penny to sing "Soft Kitty" to him whenever he is sick - check out this fabulous round when Penny, who is injured and doped up with pain medication, turns the tables on Sheldon and makes him sing it first to her, then with her!

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