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Shopping Bag - Jute - Raven Motif by Bill Helin - Natural

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Home | CANADIAN ARTISTS | Andrew Williams Shawl/Scarf - Turquoise
Andrew Williams Shawl/Scarf - Turquoise
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Andrew Williams Shawl/Scarf - Octopus Design in Turquoise


  • Poly Microfiber Shawl with Octopus design by Andrew Williams.
  • Turquoise shawl with subtle stone embellishments on either of the short ends of shawl
  • Soft, silky, flowing drapability
  • Recommended care: delicate hand washing or dry clean; lay flat to dry

Andrew Williams was born in 1964 in Haida Gwaii. He is a carver of argillite, silver and gold as well as a graphic designer. He is part of the Raven clan in the Old Masset on Haida Gwaii. His work is a blend of traditional and contemporary art and shows his passion for his Haida Ancestory and the "old stories".

The Octopus is a powerful sea spirit helper. In the Aboriginal cultures the number eight is considered to be a magic number. This is reflected in the appeal and reverence of the Octopus. In Haida mythology, the Octopus is called Devil-Fish and is believed to be the bringer of wealth. | (604) 739-6887 | Vancouver, BC, Canada
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