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Doctor Who - Puzzle - scene from Asylum of the Daleks
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Doctor Who - Puzzle -  Asylum of the Daleks


"Asylum of the Daleks" -  is the first episode of the seventh series of the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. This episode features the Daleks. It was broadcast on September 2012.

The episode features the alien time traveller the Doctor (Matt Smith) being captured by the Daleks, along with his companions Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill), who are about to divorce. They are sent by the Parliament of the Daleks to the Asylum, a planet where battle-scarred Daleks who have gone insane are exiled, to deactivate the force-field from within the planet so the planet can be destroyed remotely. The Asylum needed to be destroyed to prevent the insane Daleks from escaping.

The Doctor is helped along the way by Oswin Oswald (Jenna-Louise Coleman), a woman who lives on a spaceship that crashed on the planet a year ago and has been trapped there since then. Oswin claims to have been fending off Dalek attacks for a year, occupying herself by making souffles, which intrigues the Doctor as he wonders where she got the milk. The crash ruptured the planet's force-field, thus risking escape of the planet's inmates. The Doctor guesses that the Daleks will destroy the planet as soon as he deactivates the force-field, before he and his companions can escape. However, he realises that Rory's hideout (who was separated from the Doctor and Amy when they were dropped through the force-field breach via a gravity tunnel by the Daleks to the planet) is a telepad, via which they can teleport onto the Dalek Parliament ship. Oswin agrees to deactivate the force-field in return for the Doctor coming to save her. The Doctor makes his way to Oswin, venturing through the "intensive care section", which holds Daleks who survived encounters with him. They begin to re-activate, but he is saved from them by Oswin, who deletes the Doctor from the Daleks' collective telepathically-shared knowledge, leaving them with no memory of him.

When the Doctor finally makes his way to Oswin, he discovers to his horror that she has been fully converted into a Dalek. Oswin had been captured by Daleks after reaching the Asylum and to preserve her genius-level intellect for Dalek use, was turned into a Dalek cyborg rather than a standard puppet. Unable to cope with her conversion, her mind retreated into a fantasy of survival as a human. Oswin is nearly overcome by her Dalek personality at this revelation, though she still possesses human emotions, and is unable to kill the Doctor. Oswin fulfils her promise of deactivating the force-field, on the condition that the Doctor remember her as the human she once was. The Doctor returns to Amy and Rory, and they teleport back to the TARDIS before the planet is destroyed. The Daleks fail to recognise the Doctor due to his removal from their hive intelligence. He jubilantly leaves the ship, and drops the reunited Amy and Rory back home. He then departs alone, delighting in the Dalek Parliament's closing question to him: "Doctor who?".


  • 1000 piece puzzle
  • Puzzle dimensions: 19.25" x 26.25" (49 x 67 cm)
  • Image: the 11th Doctor walking through the aftermath of an explosion surrounded by Daleks and flames. In his arms, he is carrying an unconsious Amy.
  • Officially licensed by BBC Worldwide
  • NOT a Toy. Manufacturer recommended age: 12+
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