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Star Trekᅡᆴ - Puzzle - USS Enterprise
Star Trekᅡᆴ - Puzzle - USS Enterprise

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Home | TINTIN & ASTERIX | Asterix - Dogmatix (Idefix) Plush 12 cm beanbag
Asterix - Dogmatix (Idefix) Plush 12 cm beanbag
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Price: $23.99

Dogmatix (Idefix) Plush

  • Officially Licensed Collectible product
  • 12 cm Plush beanbag
  • soft and cuddly
  • faithful, lovable sidekick of Obelix
  • surface wash
Dogmatix is a fictional character, a tiny white dog who belongs to Obelix in the Asterix comics. Dogmatix is the only known "canine ecologist" who loves trees and howls in distress whenever one is damaged. Despite his small size, he is quite fearless. He has drunk the magic potion on a number of occasions, but his favourite treat is to chew a bone. Like many dogs, Dogmatix is very protective and jealous of his master, especially when he falls for, or is shown affection by, beautiful young women. In Asterix the Legionary he makes very clear his loathing for Panacea with whom Obelix had fallen in love. He shows the same attitude to Influenza in Asterix and Caesar's Gift and Melodrama in Asterix and the Great Divide. However, despite his loyalty to his master, Dogmatix has been shown to side with Asterix in arguments on various occasions.
In French: Idéfix (idée fixe, a "fixed idea" or "obsession", also a "prejudice"). Most translations use some variant of this original name.
In English, Dogmatix comes from dogmatic — clinging to an unchanging set of beliefs. The pun is extended because the name also contains the word "dog".
In Italian — Idefix but in the movie Asterix and Cleopatra he is called Ercolino ("Little Hercules")
Source: Wikipedia
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