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Big Bang Theory - T-Shirt - Knock,Knock, Knock, Penny!
Big Bang Theory - T-Shirt - Knock,Knock, Knock, Penny!

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Asterix - Figurine - Roman Centurion
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Asterix - Figurine - Roman Centurion

  • Roman Centurion Figurine with sword by Plastoy
  • approximately 7 cm or 2.8"  tall (from tip of sword to feet)
  • approximately 130g (0.29lbs)
  • made from PVC quality molded hard plastic
  • Please note this is not a toy and not intended for children.

This Roman could be a number of possible characters from the Asterix series of 30+ books.

  • Gracchus Armisurplus (Gracchus Nenjetepus) — Centurion of Compendium (Petibonum) for Asterix the Gladiator and Asterix and the Banquet; however his name is translated differently in each album.
  • Ignoramus — Centurion sent to relieve Scrofulus' garrison in Obelix and Co. He also appears in Asterix in Corsica but looks slightly different.
  • Crismus Bonus — A centurion who appears in Asterix the Gaul and Asterix and Obelix vs Caesar. In the animated version of Asterix the Gaul, he is named Phonus Balonus
  • Centurions Dubious Status and Nefarious Purpus command the unit of Roman infantry which Asterix and Obelix join in Asterix the Legionary.

(Source: Wikipedia)

centurion: noun -  an officer in the army of ancient Rome, who was responsible for 100 soldiers (Source: CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY) | (604) 739-6887 | Vancouver, BC, Canada
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