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UCB  (Undercover Bear) BLANKET + PILLOW - marigold yellow
UCB (Undercover Bear) BLANKET + PILLOW - marigold yellow

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This warning merely states that parts of this site are not encrypted while other parts are, which is standard practice in the online shopping industry. The sections which are not encrypted allow customers to freely come into the online store and browse whereas the secure and encrypted areas protect customers' information such as purchases and other personal information. Damask clients can rest assured that all sensitive information are secured and protected.  You can see this with the lock on your browser bar when you are making a purchase or entering personal information fields. See also our Privacy Policy above.

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Why has processing my order been delayed?
We do our utmost to process and ship out orders within 36 hours or less upon receipt of order. When placing your order, it is best to give as much information requested to help speed up the process of verification of your information. Leaving out fields such as phone number or email, can delay the processing of your order should there be a need to contact you. We prefer to have two different ways of contacting the customer in case one method fails (your computer inadvertently places our email into your SPAM box or your phone number is not in service or mailbox is full).
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CONCIERGE SERVICE, what is this?:
Consider this a Special Service for our clients.  We'll do our best to help you find that special something if you are stumped as to what to get or do not see it on our website. Many of our collectible items can be special ordered. The same goes for jewellery (we deal with a lot of local artisans) or gifts for your staff, guest speakers, anniversaries, Christmas parties, etc. We can help you customize these gifts to fit whatever event you have so don't hesitate to get in touch. There is no extra charge for our Concierge service.

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